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Empowering success driven women, to be in leadership through action, professional development,

and build a life and career they are passionate about.

Are you ready to Elevate your life, mindset, & business?

Are you ready to step fully into your power, and embody the leading woman you know you are meant to be?

Are you ready to take  your personal brand to the NEXT LEVEL, create a bigger impact, call in more opportunities, and be seen as an absolute LEADER & ICON in your industry?


You can write the bestselling book!

You can travel the world luxuriously!

You can carry the Birkin, rock the diamonds, and change the world through your talents and gifts!

You can have the booming business and the body you feel energized and hot as hell in!

You can spoil yourself and generously give to others!

Designing a beautiful, rich life doesn’t just happen. It takes vision, intention, curiosity, and creativity!

It takes a willingness to be brutally honest with yourself about the things that aren’t working, and the courage and audacity to leave that shit behind and reimagine your life!

most importantly, it takes support! And I’m here to help!


I work with high performing-leading professional women including coaches, creative entrepreneurs, authors, network marketers, attorneys, finance professionals, real estate professionals, brick and mortar store owners, fashion entrepreneurs, and every other industry you can think of.

The Mission for this Leadership Coaching Class is to help you build, grow and sustain in business mindset and finances.


Plan and execute a holistic overhaul of your life and your business while manifesting exactly what you want in the way you want it

Set HIGH standard for yourself and your work, and establish new beliefs around what is possible for you

Design a signature program or offer that you can’t wait to share with your dream clients

Re-Define your brand & establish great influence in your industry and be seen by the masses

Plan and hash out your vision for your podcast, book, or big idea

Influence conversations people are having about you  in a positive and powerful way

Create a standout media pitch to get published or booked within 30 days

Destroy your limiting beliefs and crystalize the kind of life you want to live


Coaching Program




Coaching Application

To inquire about coaching packages fill out application and we will return

Value of $1050- This offer will not last

One time Payment Single Payment $175


Bonuses Material Included:

  • The official Leadership Worksheet with instructions

  • The official Business Brand Worksheet  with instructions

  • Bonus e-Guide : Credit DIY Guide

  • List of books and resources I highly recommend on the topics of investing and wealth-building.

  • The official Avatar Worksheet with instructions

  • Private Facebook Group - You'll be part of a private Facebook group exclusive only for my Leadership Students. You can interact with fellow participants, ask questions, and connect with like-minded individuals.


  • Bonus video lesson

  • Learn how to ACTUALLY form your business.

  • By being part of this class, you'll also be part of a group of individuals that care about taking their financial life to the next level and are taking ACTION to make it happen.

Ready to join us? Full enrollment details below!

Curriculum Overview

4 week online course that will help you gain an understanding of business concepts and leadership.

Begin May 25, at 7pm online

Class 1, May 25, 7pm - Overview of Business - Business Types

Be The CEO Of Your Business & Your Life

C lass 2 June 1, 7pm - Branding- Developing Your Story & Becoming Visible

Claiming Your Authority & Be The Solution

C lass 3 June 8, 7pm- Finance - Personal, Business, Credit & Funding

Systems For Organizing & Prioritizing

C lass 4 June 15, 7pm - Marketing- SWOT Analysis and Media

Q/A Session

Day 1- Be The CEO Of Your Business & Your Life

Before diving into sales strategies and systems, it's essential to focus on mindset. Who you are as a person matters just as much as what you do. In fact, a business can be viewed as a spiritual practice. To me, there is nothing more spiritual than the act of selling. Therefore, it's crucial that you're in energetic alignment and are fully aware of who you are being when you sell. Ask yourself: how do you want to show up in your sales interactions?

Day 2- Claiming Your Authority & Be The Solution

When you are a woman in your power, you don't need to convince or pitch your dream clients. Instead, you can simply convey your message and invite them to plug in. In today's training, you will learn how to intentionally connect with your audience, attract them, and receive their interest. We will cover a range of topics, including identifying your dream client, setting up your marketing for success, and building strategies that effectively convert leads into sales. Get ready to take your sales game to the next level!

Day 3- Systems For Organizing & Prioritizing

If you want to accelerate your sales results, clarity and organization are key. Not every person you encounter is your dream client, so it's important to focus on those who truly value your services and who you are meant to serve. In today's session, you will learn the simplest systems for prioritizing your time, building your audience, tracking leads, and starting conversations. By optimizing these key aspects of your sales process, you can maximize your efficiency and ultimately achieve greater success in your business.

Day 4-

Q/A Session

So you can turn information into transformation!
Establishing a strong connection with your dream clients and guiding them through the sales process is essential for success. In this session, you will discover a revolutionary approach to sales funnels that feels more like a fun board game than a tedious task. This visual sales funnel method that I have created has been successfully implemented by thousands of entrepreneurs, and I still use it myself and continue to yield results. By learning and implementing this simple yet effective strategy, you'll always know where your next sale is coming from, making your sales process more enjoyable and lucrative. Get ready to transform your sales game and have fun doing it!

About Atneciv

With nearly 20 years of experience in working with women, and a trusted combination of Education, Work & Life, Atneciv is passionate about creating powerful content that changes lives. Atneciv knows what truly empowers others, and how to eliminate the complicated and complex through simple and direct solutions. She's helped women who felt defeated, confused with no PLAN and within weeks turned lost and scared women into confident self leading, disciplined power houses- turning them into women who get results.

Atneciv has spent over 10 yrs in the creative space building her own brand being a leadership educator. She has turned her success into Best Selling books,  podcast called Leadership ICON, and a successful coaching practice where she helps other women entrepreneurs hone their unique voice and become leaders in their industries.

As a voice in the female empowerment movement, & a highly sought-after speaker, Atneciv continues to be a leader in the space, liberating women to trust their intuition and create their own opportunities. She empowers women to live with Purpose and Pursue their Passion!

Atneciv holds multiple professional Master Coaching certifications, Financial Licenses, MBA, and loves working with motivated women on the edge of change.

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